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The fierce battle that rages on between the flesh and the Spirit is a battle that many Christians are ill-equipped to fight. The temptations and lusts that seem hard to overcome push us to say and do things that we would not otherwise say or do. As much as we would like to appear good and upright to others, there is a loathsome thing inside of us that causes us to sin and turn to everyone and everything else except God for forgiveness and redemption. As a result of the monster called the flesh, dreams have been put on hold, lives have been completely destroyed, and good opportunities for progress and success have been missed. READ NOW.
We all face difficult circumstances in life, adversities that we wish would pass quickly. Because we live in an imperfect world, such unfortunate things are inevitable. From time to time, we will be forced to work through what we wish we didn't have to, deal with people that we don't particularly like, and handle bad news when we least expect it. How do we face hard times? How do we overcome stumbling blocks in the road? READ NOW.
In his newest release, Praying Through the Names of God, bestselling author, Dr. Tony Evans, provides a devotional book to help readers better understand the character of God through His various names and teaches how to pray to Him based upon the power that each of His names hold. Praying Through the Names of God contains over 300 specific prayers related to 85 different names of God. READ NOW.
In Blue Butterfly, award-winning author, Marian L. Thomas takes readers on a captivating journey of a young woman struggling to become the first black ballerina. In the midst of her struggle, she not only finds her purpose, but she uncovers the secrets of her past, finds out who she is, what true love is, and learns how to extend forgiveness to others. Interwoven with a delicate story line that is nothing short of depth in emotion and weight in character, readers will find the need to reveal secrets and come to grips with their own past while Blue is learning of hers. READ NOW.
ATLANTA, GA, (July 7, 2014) - Bestselling authors, Tony Evans (Praying Through the Names of God --- Nonfiction) and Michele Andrew Bowen (Pastor Needs a Boo --- Fiction) lead the bestsellers list of Black Christian authors on the July 2014 edition of the Black Christian News/Black Christian Book Company National Bestsellers List. READ NOW.
ATLANTA, GA, (June 30, 2014) - The Crawford Irby International Foundation will host bestselling authors: Dr. Willie Jolley, Wendy Griffith, Eugene Williams, Jr., Jewel W. Williams, C. Natasha Richburg, Lane Ethridge, Kevin Wayne Johnson and others at the upcoming National Christian Writers Conference. The annual event will be held at Clarion Hotel in Oxen Hill, MD on August 1-2, 2014. READ NOW.
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