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God created every single person with a purpose. Before the beginning of time, God has a plan for every person's life. No matter who one is, where one is born, or how one progresses through life, God seeks to make His plan known and evident. Very few people realize and accept the divine plan that is already set for them. Those who do are able to move forward and experience God's best while those who don't waste precious time doing things that was never in God's plan for their lives. READ NOW.
The word "why" is a pivotal word in our society. It demands a response and sometimes when there is not response, it is persistent until a response is given. Many times, the whys in life go unanswered. Why is there violence? Why do children die? Why do bad things happen to good people? These are all examples of how the question of why can linger for days, weeks, months, and years. One may question his lot in life and yet remain in that same place until he the end of his days never having received an answer to why. The question of why demands a reason, a purpose, an aim at the end. READ NOW.
Dr. Steve Perry, America's Most Trusted Educator, joins forces with prolific entrepreneur and best-selling author T.D. Jakes, business guru Daymond John of ABC 'Shark Tank' fame and other top industry experts to equip adult learners with high caliber, intensive continuing education in an easily accessible, affordable and flexible online environment READ NOW.
With a grand jury announcement in the Ferguson case drawing near, many churches plan to open their doors, offering prayer, shelter, food and a safe sanctuary for protesters, residents, schoolchildren and others who may be affected by potential unrest. READ NOW.

The Prosperity Gospel in Black and White

Last winter, I wrote a somewhat contrarian blog post on the prosperity gospel. I never did endorse it, but I was trying to talk about the fact that for those on the lower economic margins that happen to think about money, they are more willing to talk about finances and how this relates to their walk with God. READ NOW.
Kevin Washington, former president of the Greater Boston YMCA, is scheduled to take on the job of chief executive of the national YMCA. Washington will be the first African-American to hold the position. READ NOW.
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